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(Advanced Beginner & Above)
Instructor: Hal Binder
9:30 - 11:30 AM
May 6 - June 3 (no class on May 27)
Fee: $60 for the full series (no partial enrollments please)
At the end of the day, it is usually the slam hand that sticks out most in your mind. Did you bid it? Did you make it? Were you in the right contract?
This 4 week series (* no class Memorial Day*) is designed to help you figure out which slams to bid, and how to avoid those that don't make.
Blackwood variations
  • Gerber
  • Minorwood
  • King Ask
  • Queen Ask
  • Jumps at the 5 Level

These and more will be among the many tools Hal will discuss, compare, and contrast.

Pre-registration is required: email or (949) 697-4944

(Beginner and Advanced Beginner)
Instructors: Marti Moss (ACBL Certified Teacher) & Ellen O'Brien
9:30 - 11:30 AM
Fee: $10 at the door
Note: These sessions will not award Master Points
No partner needed. No pre-registration required.
Come to learn, but have fun ~ No pressure
The PERFECT complement to your introductory bridge lessons - learn some, play some, learn some more, play some more. Learning at bridge never ends.
These sessions will provide our newest bridge enthusiasts:
  • a relaxed atmosphere with time to consider bids and other options
  • real time assistance from the instructor to help you get to the correct contract
  • an opportunity to practice with players like you who are learning the game
  • a chance to make new friends!

There will be a brief lesson before you play:

  • May 7th - Opening a Major and Responses
  • May 14th - Opening a Minor and Responses
  • May 21st - Opening 1NT and Stayman
  • May 28th - Opening 1NT and Transfers
Format: Basic bridge mini-lesson followed by practice play demonstrating the topic of the day. Instructional handouts and hand records will be distributed.
Co-teachers/directors: Marti Moss ( and Ellen O'Brien ( Please contact us if you have questions.
(All Levels)
Starts after the afternoon game (approximately 4:00 PM)
FREE hand review sessions
All questions are good questions:
- the auction, the lead, the offense, the defense.
We all learn from each other's questions.
Unless you are consistently playing like a pro already, what's keeping you from attending?
You are cordially invited to join team Gailfus for their FREE hand review sessions following the Tuesday games. Whether you had a great game or a humbling game, there is always much to learn from the insight of top tier players.
Debbie and Alan will help you slice and dice the hands and answer all your questions. Join them on Tuesdays following the afternoon game!
Instructor: Sharon Rippy
9:00 - 11:30 AM
For players with 0-49 Masterpoints
The purpose of this class is not only to extend your knowledge, but to also give you more quality time at the table. If you want to return to duplicate bridge or are a social player wanting to learn duplicate bridge and its conventions, then this is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to play and learn. EasyBridge 1 is not a prerequisite. We have a lesson each week followed by playing hands that use the conventions or concepts addressed that week.
You can join us with or without a partner. The cost is $10 for each class you attend. There is a workbook associated with the class. This workbook has good reviews of the lessons with exercises to do. If you need one, please email Sharon as they need to be ordered ASAP.
  • May 8 - Negative Doubles
  • May 15 - End-Playing your Opponents
  • May 22 - Michaels - Bidding Two Suits at Once
  • May 29 - BAROMETER GAME: We will play 12 boards. Everyone plays the same boards simultaneously. After each round we will stop to discuss, dissect, and analyze the hands - the bidding, lead, declarer play, and defense. All and any of your questions will be answered. Each hand provides learning opportunities. Come with a partner or we can find you a partner.

Join us at the tables on Wednesday Mornings. If you have any questions or plan to join us for EasyBridge 2 and need a book, email Sharon at

(All Levels)
Instructor: Jane Dober
ACBL certified director, teacher, & Gold Life Master
9:30 - 11:30 AM
Fee: $10
We host a SUPERVISED PLAY session two Thursday mornings a month. Something for everyone ~ Improve your skills, play interesting bridge hands, have fun. All levels of bridge players are welcome. Come alone, or bring your partner, or even your favorite bridge group. The more the merrier. Just remember to BYO smile! The bridge club is a great place to meet new people.
We will start with a mini-lesson at 9:30, then play 12 pre-dealt interesting hands. You will receive records of the hands you played so that you can review them, ask questions, and learn.
We offer refreshments as well.
  • May 2nd - FINESSES - When do you take the finesse or should you even take the finesse?
  • May 16th - Playing hands in NT. Setting up the long suit, finesses and promotion, and then putting them all together.
If you have a subject you want us to review, or hands you want to practice, send Jane an email. All requests are warmly welcomed.
Please contact Jane Dober for more information and to sign up for the game. Let her know if you would like us to find a partner for you.
(Beginner and Advanced Beginner)
Instructor: Gary Waldron
9:00 - 11:30 AM
Fee: $10
Responding to your partner's 2 Club opening bid - how to help them find the best contract
You pick up a crummy (or maybe not so bad hand), then your partner opens 2 Clubs. Good things will happen, but only if you have the tools to help your partner decide on the right contract.
The positives and negatives of different responsive systems - 2 Diamonds Waiting, Controls or 2 Hearts Negative, among others will be explored.
Learn how to describe your hand with one or two bids; learn what to do when those evil opponents interfere in your auction.
Gary Waldron will present a class that builds on April's mentoring session on 2 Club opening bids, but it makes no difference whether you attended that class.
Eight fun and intriguing hands will be played following the lesson. A mentor will sit at each table to give advice on leads, bidding, and play of the hand.
Please email Gary at ASAP to reserve your spot and so that he can arrange the right number of volunteer mentors. Let him know if you are coming with a partner and your approximate number of master points.
Instructor: Gail Schneider
9:30 - 11:30 AM
Registration or information: Gail Schneider (516) 314-1896
Gail Schneider
(Beginner and Advanced Beginner)
Instructor: Marti Moss (ACBL Certified Teacher)
9:00 - 11:30 AM
Fee: $10 per person
Special Thursday Morning Session
Everything you ever wanted to know about Swiss teams.
Team games are where you play as a 4some instead of a 2some ~ 2 pairs become 1 powerful team.
Team games award MEGA-GOLD at tournaments and extra points at the club.
If you are not yet playing in team games, mark your calendar now and get in the know! You will learn, play, and find out why so many of us love team games!
  • Be part of a 4some instead of the usual 2some.
    • We can help you put your teams together by teaming more experienced players with less experienced players to give less experienced players more guidance.
    • Your team gets to play both directions - NS and EW.
  • Find out why many players LOVE teams, even more than pairs.
    • This is not your everyday bridge :)
    • Team games are energizing!
  • Get ready for tournament play.
    • Prepare to play teams at Sectionals where you can earn lots of SILVER.
    • Then try KNOCKOUTS at Regionals and earn mega GOLD.
    • You are going to want those colors to become a LIFE MASTER and teams are the fastest way to earn colors.
  • Learn the subtleties of team strategy for competing and scoring.
    • Team scoring takes the pain out of making one less trick.
    • Get the glory for bidding the games and slams.
    • Fear not! You will catch on quickly!

Pre-registration is required. Please contact Marti so that she can organize the event:

FRIDAY MORNINGS: 99'er Lesson & Game
(Beginner and Advanced Beginner)
Come and improve your game with a 30-minute lesson followed by a game. Playing more is the best way to improve your game. So, come on out! Get your game on!
All sessions will start at 9 AM SHARP! Cost is $10 for the lesson, game, and great snacks! Registration is not required.
  • May 3 - Bridge Etiquette - Bridge is a very well-mannered game. Come and find out what's expected and what's a no-no.
  • May 10 - STaC GAME - No Lesson
  • May 17 - Top 5 Director Calls - When to call the Director, what happens when he or she shows up at the table, and more.
  • May 24 - BAROMETER GAME: We will play 12 boards. Everyone plays the same boards simultaneously. After each round we will stop to discuss, dissect, and analyze the hands - the bidding, lead, declarer play, and defense. All and any of your questions will be answered. Each hand provides learning opportunities. Come with a partner or we can find you a partner.
  • May 31 - Losing Trick Count - Another method of hand evaluation to help you reach game.
Please come and join our group, no partner needed. We guarantee you will play. This is a very fun and friendly group. The more you play, the more comfortable you will become with the bidding and the play of the hand.
Contact Susan Bristol at or Trudi Hanscom at for more information.
(Beginner and Advanced Beginner)
Instructor: Gail Schneider
Super start your Saturday mornings!
Join the brand new Saturday game and mini-lesson from 9:15 to 11:30 AM with Gail Schneider.
Social players welcome - beginners and advancing beginners welcome - bring a friend.
This class is designed especially for beginners and advanced beginners with less than 100 masterpoints.
Learn the basics while having fun!
Contact the instructor and director Gail Schneider with questions:
Gail Schneider
(Beginner and Advanced Beginner)
Instructor: Jane Dober
ACBL certified director, teacher, & Gold Life Master
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
June 3 - July 8