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I want to apologize for my unfortunate scheduling of our Non-Life Master Sectional on a religious holiday. We will definitely be more careful about checking the calendar in the future, and I meant no offense or disrespect.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Consider Running
As we approach the end of the year and our upcoming Bridge Center election, I urge each of you to consider running for one of the four seats that will be open on our Board of Directors. We benefit from a combination of Open Players and Non-Life Master Players on our Board of Directors. The experience that veteran players bring as Board members helps keep us on track. Newer players bring fresh ideas, and are aware of what is going on in our NLM games, classes and mentoring. We need YOU. Please give this some thought, and contact any member of the Nominating Committee or current Board Member, if you have any questions or would like to run. The Nominating Committee members will be announced shortly.
Have you noticed the changes on our Website? We are giving it a new look and improving functionality. If you run into snags, contact Peter Redwood at phsredwood@gmail.com or Jeremy Chao at j3r3mycha0@gmail.com
In addition to Board members, our many volunteers facilitate the success of SOCBC. I want to take this opportunity to thank you.
New Players’ Corner
You probably aren’t aware that when most of the Open players started playing bridge, back when you were still just playing poker, there were no special NLM sections and games. They were thrust into the Open game from the get-go. In those days, new players would go months without scoring well enough to earn a fraction of a masterpoint! Not only that, but the games were also all shuffle – deal – and play. There were no hand records to look at after the game to learn from. There was no online website to go to and study who led what. You are the life blood of our Bridge Center. If you are taking classes, but have not tried playing in our morning games or regular afternoon games, now is the time to start. If you are almost ready, but not quite, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good – get out there and get your feet wet! Additionally, you will make new friends, get mental stimulation and have a hobby for a lifetime.
$5 Thursday Game
We are offering a discounted entry fee of $5 for our Thursday afternoon 0-to-199 game. We are hopeful that you will take us up on this great offer.
0-to-20 Newcomer Games
Classes, Supervised Play, and Barometer Games are great, but the more you play the more you will improve. You will quickly discover that each game presents fascinating new challenges and opportunities to work on bidding, declarer play, and defense. If enough players show up, we offer a 0-to 20 game on Friday mornings alongside our 0-99 game. We will also be offering a separate 0-20 game on one afternoon a week. Support these games and encourage your friends and classmates to join you. We will provide opportunities for you to play, but success or failure of these games depends on your participation. You will be amazed at how much there is to learn by playing – from your mistakes, from reviewing hand records, asking questions, and chatting with opponents. After the game, go online and review what others bid, made, led. There is an abundance of information available on our website. Opportunity is knocking!
SOCBC offers many opportunities for new and advanced beginners to play, learn, and hone their newly acquired skills. Check our calendar for our October offerings, which include classes, 0-to-20 Newcomer games, Easybridge Classes/Games, 0-to-49 games, 0-to-99 games, Supervised Play, Barometer Games, and intermediate level classes.
Have you been attending our Wednesday evening team games? Every Wednesday evening we offer a Swiss Teams Game beginning at 6:15. Scott Campbell gives a 30-minute lesson on bridge topics of interest preceding the game. Please form a team and come out and join us.
We have noticed that some of our members have recently begun parking in prohibited spaces. Please review the parking map at the bottom of this page and at the Center. We again urge you to park only in areas designated in GREEN on the parking map during daytime weekday games and lessons.
Non-Life Master Section
Our Non-Life Masters have made a smooth transition to our Reservation and Seeding System.
Please register online before 11 am on the days you are playing. If you cannot register online before 11am, you may call in or register at the Director’s desk prior to commencement of the game. Registering in advance facilitates proper seeding of the field and enables us to start the games on a timely basis.
Cancellation of Reservations
If you are unable to play, it is important that you cancel online before 11:30 AM. If you are unable to cancel online, call the club and speak with someone there or leave a message. Failure to show up for a game you are registered for will cause delays in starting the game and much additional work for the Game Directors.