Jun 23, 2018

THE FORUM: The Forum is no longer being mailed out, but you can easily access it online (and you always could) from our website by clicking on the Links tab, and selecting District 22 Forum from the drop-down menu (or just click here.)

June Highlights

  • NAP QUALIFYING GAMES: June 27 and 30
  • THE LONGEST DAY, June 21st is traditionally a day of unity to support the search for a cure. We have shifted the calendar a smidge and we'll host a speaker from the Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County on Friday June 22th. We will run multiple Charity games on this day. Please bring your checkbooks or wallets and give generously.
  • FRIDAY NIGHT POTLUCK, Social & Duplicate: June 22
  • 0-50 BAROMETER GAME: June 27
  • 99er BAROMETER GAME: June 29


  • MODERN BRIDGE BASICS: This is a new six-week series. Contact Jane Dober at JaneDober@gmail.com to register or for more information.
  • 0-1000 MP Bridge. Monday evenings at 6:30 PM. Contact Susan Bristol at bristolsg949@gmail.com or Trudi Hanscom at t.hanscom@live.com
  • SUPERVISED PLAY FOR BEGINNERS: Runs Tuesday mornings through June and again July 10 through August 14. For more information, contact Ellen O’Brien at 949-369-9020 or Marti Moss at martimoss43@gmail.com
  • EASYBRIDGE 2: Wednesday mornings at 9:00 AM. This is a Beginners class and game for 0-20 MP. Each class starts with a 30-minute lesson covering a different convention, followed by a game with hands that support the lesson. Contact Sharon Rippy at fleurpdlur@cox.net
  • 2-OVER-1 MADE EASY: This eight-week series starting July 12 is designed for players who want to learn and move to 2-Over-1. Contact Robert Irani at thescholar@live.com or call (949) 493-7657
  • FOR NEW PLAYERS (0-99 MP): We have dispensed with the Friday morning lesson so that you can play more boards! The game will still begin at 9 AM SHARP! There is a special BAROMETER GAME on June 29. Just a $10 Card Fee for a great game with wonderful people and good snacks!  Contact Susan Bristol at bristolsg949@gmail.com or Trudi Hanscom at t.hanscom@live.com for more information.